Tzeentch’s Curse for Warhammer Fantasy 4E

Greetings Readers! Long time no see huh?

As you can imagine for someone in the education profession, the start of this year has been much more complicated than it would be typically, so posting on this blog had to take a backseat to my actual job, and I do apologize for not keeping up with my posting schedule.

Now, with apologies out of the way I am happy to to say that the pen of the KillerGM has not been idle in all this time, and I have for you today a wonderful piece of homebrew that I am quite proud of.

Presenting, Tzeentch’s Curse for Warhammer 4E!

The Big Horrible Bastard himself!

Now for those not in the know, the beloved 2nd edition of Warhammer Fantasy RP had a mechanic where Wizards who rolled matching numbers on their casting dice (1-4 d10 usually) they caused various magical effects, ranging from harmless sparks of color to being pulled into hell kicking and screaming, and I think it was great fun! It was an outlandish and delightfully dark touch to spell casting that I can guarantee you anyone who has played a wizard in Warhammer (or anyone who has played with a wizard) has never forgotten. I certainly remember the time our Space Marine Librarian in a 40k one-shot immolated dozens of innocent Imperial Guardsmen with a miscast.

The new edition of the game, Warhammer 4E, still has a system for wizards flubbing their spells and making magical mischief, but while they certainly can be interesting and memorable, I felt like they lacked a certain something, a certain old-school flair. As well as no longer letting players have the fun of rolling a handful of dice like the old magic system. It also seemed quite easy for the Wizard in our party to cancel out a lot of the risk of casting with talents, which I felt dropped the danger level of magic below what I would consider desirable for a Warhammer game

So to that end I created Tzeentch’s Curse for 4E, not as a replacement for the miscast tables, but as an augmentation. A little more Chaotic flare to a system I felt needed some spicing up.

The main features of the system are;

  • Tzeentch’s Curse: Casting in Chaotic or Dark-Magic infused environments invites the chance of Tzeentch’s Curse, having the caster roll a number of d6 determined by their spell’s power and potentially invoking the laughter of the God of Change!
  • New Rules: For Magic Circles, allowing you to mitigate Tzeentch’s Curse . Talents that you repel the powers of Chaos (Or revel in it!). As well as a new talent option allowing for casters to ‘Push’ spells a la the Fantasy Flight 40k Roleplaying Games.

And here is the link you can download it for yourself! Tzeentch’s Curse for 4E

As usual I would love to hear what you all have to say! Comments and critiques are always appreciated.

I am currently digging around in some old notebooks of mine for some Dungeon Crawl Classics related stuff I wrote up for a Planescape game I thought would fit here. So assuming I can find that, I suspect that will be the next post. If not, well, who knows?!

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