Two Careers for Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition: The Anchorite and The Laurelon Ranger

Greetings once gain everyone, I hope you all had a resplendent socially-distanced Thanksgiving this year.

The other week, while waiting for our Wednesday Warhammer session to start, one of my players and I began brainstorming a new Elven Ranger career that combined beast magic with forest survival and other elf-related fun. A few hours of work later and we had made a new career for Warhammer 4E we dubbed the Guardian Ranger!

They say Elves live beyond the river, some nights, you can hear their song.

We liked it so much that we decided to post it here for all you folks to read, and I figured I would throw in another career I made a year ago, The Anchorite, and make this post a double feature, as it were.

First: The Guardian Ranger.

Work your way up the ranks from an animalistic Whelp to a wise guardian of the Luarelon forest. Learn both how to use the bow, and the magic of Wind of Beasts. Also includes a new talent for true masters of the magic forest!

Secondly: The Anchorite.

Have you ever wanted to play a religious mystic who doesn’t bash peoples heads in with a grain flail? Then this is the career for you.

I hope you all enjoy these! And let me know if you decide to utilize one in your own Warhammer game, I’ve heard from some people that the Anchorite was great fun in their own game, so give it a try!

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