What on Earth is Going on in Here?

Hello friend! My name is KillerGM, and you’ve stumbled upon my Eldritch Archive.

An ever-growing archive dedicated to the odd scriblings of its reclusive creator. Enter if you dare, for great knowledge awaits the enterprising!

Yes, yes, but silly pretension aside, what exactly is it that goes on in here? Well, this is a blog all about tabletop roleplaying games, those dicey, deadly, delightful things. And specifically it is serving as a place where I can put up all my opinions, custom content and campaign diaries. Partly for posterity, but mostly so you fine folks can read them, taking what is useful and discarding the rest like so much wordy chaff.

As for me. I am an Educator by day, but more importantly, I’ve been (mostly) running and (sometimes) playing tabletop roleplaying games for nearly seven years now. Although any grognard would rightfully decry me as a newcomer, I think I’ve been here long enough to have some useful things to say.

I will be posting at least one article every week on Saturday, and probably a smaller one on whatever day strikes my fancy. I will be editing and re-posting my old blog’s articles at a decent clip as well.

This humble scribe is keeping the Eldritch Archive up to date

I hope you decide to stay awhile and read what I have to offer, and please comment, I would love to hear what you have to say.

Oh, and do not be put off by the name. While my games may be more lethal than the typical Saturday night dungeon-run, I am by no means an antagonistic game master. The name is something my friends graciously bestowed on me in a random jest that quickly took on a life of its own. So yes, I am KillerGM, not a Killer GM.

If you are one of the ten people who read my previous blog. The Gamemasters Codex. Then welcome back!

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