Mighty Deeds of Arms Hack for Worlds Without Number

I’ve been a fan of Kevin Crawford’s work ever since I got my hands on the free copy of classic Stars Without Number as a wide eyed fifteen-year old who had never played an RPG in his life. So the Kickstarter of his newest game, the fantasy sandbox game Worlds Without Number, got an instant backing from me. And I am happy to report that the final product is a delight, especially if you are a fan of the Dying Earth books, the Caves of Qud, or any of the other entries in the venerable genre of “Apocalpytic-Future-Earth-As-Fantasy” genre.

Another one of my favorite OSR games is Dungeon Crawl Classics, and one of the best things about that game is its Mighty Deeds of Arms system for its warrior class. This basically replaces the static to-hit modifier common to fighting types with a die that increases in value as you rise in level. And every attack you have the opportunity to declare some sort of daring feat that succeeds if your deed die rolls a 3 or higher. Its a wonderful system and gives a lot of flexibility and creativity to the warriors, letting them emulate the feats of Conan and Errol Flynn without the need for constant and finicky GM adjudication.

Begone spawn of hell!

Now for all of the good things about Worlds Without Number, it does have static to-hit modifiers for warriors and no consistent way for warriors to preform their daring feats.

Well no worries friend, KillerGM has you covered, I wrote up a quick hack for Worlds Without Number that puts the Deed Die and Mighty Deeds of Arms into the game for Warriors and Warrior multi-classes. So now you too can start chopping heads and throwing your enemies into one another all across the splendid lands of the Latter Earth.

The rules are presented below, and their is a download link of a PDF of them at the bottom of the page. I hope you enjoy them!

Mighty Deeds of Arms Hack for Worlds Without Number

Rules: Warriors and Partial Warriors no longer have a to-hit modifier, and instead have a Deed Die. Whenever a character with a deed die makes an attack, they roll a deed die in addition to the attack roll. The roll of the deed die is the characters attack bonus for the current attack. The character may proclaim they are trying for a Mighty Deed of Arms with their attack. These heroic feats of derring-do range from targeting specific limbs or parts of their foe, making a daring acrobatic trick, or any other martial feat of excellence that the attacking character can invent! (so long as it falls within the purview of the reality of the game). This deed succeeds if the attack connects, and the Deed Die has rolled a 3 or higher. A successful attack may well have a failed deed accompanying it, but a missed attack never has a successful deed accompanying it. The effect of the deed tends to increase in potency with the roll of the deed die.

Warrior LevelDeed Die
Adventurer with Partial WarriorDeed Die

And here is the download link for the rules:

Final Note: Personally, I would not even have the Deed Die available for an Adventurer with Partial Warrior, and just leave them with their static to-hit modifier. This is probably a result of my persistent pro-martial bias when it comes to the traditional D&D style classes, so feel free to ignore this advice. I just feel like those who dedicate their lives to the Sword and Glory should get something special of their own! Let the arcane dabblers have their spells, and leave Mighty Deeds to the real warriors!

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