More Fighting Styles and Incantations for Carcosa

Hello everybody, I thought that it would be fun to celebrate the one year anniversary of this blog with a post expanding on the very first homebrew I posted. So below I have six more fighting styles and incantations for Lamentation of the Flame Princess’s wonderful Carcosa module.

Oh how the eldritch archive has grown! (albeit slowly)

So thank you everyone who has been reading my blog the past year! Now go forth and adventure upon the plains and ruins of Carcosa!

Six More Fighting Styles for Carcosa

Rules: When creating a Fighter from Carcosa, roll 1d6 on the Fighting Style Table and receive that fighting style. The remaining fighting styles are still known to some NPC’s in the world and can be learned through training.

Roll 1d6Fighting Style
1Twists-Like-Grass: You are like the reed in the wind! While this fighting style is selected you gain +2 AC, and +2 to your sneak attack and stealth skills.
2Snakebite: When you have this fighting style selected, you may make an additional attack at +3 once per encounter. If this attack hits, the target must make a save against poison or be afflicted with poison. The type of poison is determined by the diet your character has been eating recently, time to go hunting for scorpions! (If you need a default poison, I would recommend one that causes 1 damage per turn until the save is passed)
3As a Deep One: You may select this fighting style concurrent with another fighting style. You may breathe underwater for ten minutes, you receive  no penalties for melee fighting while underwater, you gain a +2 bonus to all saving throws while underwater.
4The Hands of Man: When you have this fighting style selected, and you do not have a weapon equipped, you may make two attacks on your turn in combat utilizing your hands and feet, each dealing 1d6 damage. All of the potential advantages and disadvantages of attacking with your limbs apply in this situation (I.E your hands and feet are not magical!). You may have this fighting style selected simultaneously with another fighting style.
5Furious Blow: If you select this fighting style, your first blow in combat is made at a +6, and deals double damage if it hits. You cannot select another fighting style until the end of the encounter.
6Eyes of the All-Seer: This fighting style confers no bonuses or penalties. When you are killed or knocked unconscious while this fighting style is selected, time is moved back to the last time you acted in combat, with your untimely death having only been an unfortunate vision. This ability works once per day. Note that this will not necessarily save you from death, although the GM is encouraged to give the player a sporting chance.
Sometimes when you are a lone man against the cosmos, only rage will carry you forward.

Six More Incantations for Carcosa

Rules: When creating a Sorcerer from Carcosa, roll 1d6 on the Incantation Table and receive that Incantation. The remaining incantations are still known to some NPC’s in the world and can be learned through training and study. Magic-Users may also learn incantations.

Roll 1d6Fighting Style
1The Mighty Name of Cthugua: The sorcerer hefts a hot stone or coal, and cries out the Mighty Name of Cthugua before tossing the stone at his target. The Sorcerer takes one damage and rolls a ranged attack roll against the target. If the projectile connects the target must make a save against a magical device or burst into flames, as per the “burning oil” rules in the core rulebook. If the projectile misses, then a random creature in the immediate vicinity bursts into flames instead.
2Language of the Great Race: This Incantation allows the sorcerer to communicate perfectly with a single creature that he can see. To use this incantation, the sorcerer must spend four rounds chanting prayers to the “Great Keepers Mi-Go Archives” and place an oiled blindfold over his eyes. After this process, the Sorcerer will be able to perfectly communicate with the creature he targeted so long as he wears the blindfold. Not that perfect communication does not necessarily mean that the sorcerer and his target will be able to find any common ground, or that his mind will be entirely unscathed by the attempt (imagine “communicating perfectly” with Dagon, or a hyper-advanced alien A.I!)
3Flesh is Fluid: If your character takes off all of his clothes, and spends three rounds praying and stretching, his bones disappear and he becomes an amorphous blob of liquid muscle and skin. Such an ability may be employed in a variety of ways, from flowing under doorways or through cracks, smothering opponents or hiding in small spaces. The effect lasts for a number of turns per sorcerer level, or until the character decides to end the incantation, which takes six rounds of painful reconstitution. And woe to the sorcerer who begins to return to normal while wedged within a crack in the wall!
4Void-Calling: Call to the void, and something answers! The sorcerer must spend 12 hours in meditative contemplation, submerged neck deep in water and beneath the open sky. After those 12 hours the sorcerer must make a save against magic, and if he succeeds his mind is put in touch with strange beings from the black reaches of the cosmos. The sorcerer may pose a single question to this eldritch council, who respond with proclamations and visions. The question has a 4/6 chance to be answered at least semi-accurately. Once the sorcerer has received his answer, he falls ill, losing 2d6 constitution points, and regaining them at a rate of a single point per day.
5The Vile Name of Shub-Niggurath: The Sorcerer performs a vulgar ritual dance for four rounds and ecstatically calls out the Vile Name of Shub- Niggurath, then the Black Goat of the Woods may see fit to gift her supplicant with one of the traits of her children. The sorcerer may make any number of saving throws against poison, declaring the amount they will roll before beginning. For each successful save, they may receive a random trait from one of the following tables from the “Spawn of Shub-Niggurath” generation tables; Table 3, Table 4, Table 4a, Table 5, Table 12 or Table 13. For every failed save he must receive a random monster trait from one of the following tables; Table 6, Table 7, Table 8, Table 9, Table 10, or Table 11. These alterations last for 1d6 weeks, and the sorcerer is free to use this incantation again or any other incantation they are physically able to perform. If the sorcerer ever fails a saving throw and receives a monster trait that would give them more traits than they have sorcerer levels, they must make a saving throw against magic or immediately degenerate into a mindless spawn, who will violently lash out at any creatures near them.
6Spear of Many Colors: This incantation grants the sorcerer a powerful weapon of interplanetary origin. If the sorcerer falls to his knees, holds his hands to the sky and spends two rounds crying out ancient formulae, then a great spear or shimmering color will descend slowly from the heavens and into the sorcerer’s hands. The spear takes two hands to hold and deals 1d12 damage each attack, the spear can also be thrown using the same range bands as a heavy crossbow, and reappears in the sorcerer’s hand the next round. Each attack also has a random effect based upon the spears color as determined by the table below, which is either random, or selected by the sorcerer if they successfully pass a save against a magical device during the incantation. The spear remains in the sorcerer’s possession for a number of rounds equal to two rounds plus two rounds for each sorcerer level. Upon the conclusion of the incantation, the spear ascents rapidly back to the outer dark, draining the sorcerer of 1d6 hit points as it does.
Roll 1d12Effect
Black (1)When thrown, the spear splits into  1d4 copies of itself which can strike the same or separate targets so long as each additional target would have been hit by the original to-hit roll.
Blue (2)The sorcerer gains a flying speed equal to twice his walking speed while the spear is summoned.
White (3)The spear deals an additional 1d4 damage due to intense burning. The spear also immediately sets any Spawn of Shub-Niggurath on fire.
Brown (4)Those struck with the spear become transfixed by it, being unable to move for 1d3 rounds. This does not affect creatures without eyes, or creatures that cannot see color.
Dolm (5)The casting sorcerer receives half of the damage he deals as healing.
Green (6)The target of the spear must make a save against poison or begin to be devoured from within by thousands of multicolor insects, taking 1d6 damage each round.
Jale (7)If the target of the spear is a Sorcerer, then the spear deals an additional 4d6 damage and leaves a permanent Jale-colored scar
Orange (8)When you strike a creature with the spear, they must make a saving throw against breath weapon or be struck by lightning! If a creature is struck by lightning, the sorcerer must make a saving throw against magical device or the spear returns to the heavens on a wave of electricity.
Purple (9)The target must make a saving throw against a magical device or immediately fall unconscious.
Red (10)When you strike a spawn of Shub-Niggurath with the spear, the creature must make a saving throw against magic and take 3d8 damage on a failed save or 1d8 damage on a successful save.
Ulfire (11)The target must make a save against a magical device or have any metal on their person dissolve into rust.
Yellow (12)When you strike a servant of Nyarlathotep with the spear, they must make a saving throw against a magical device or be banished to Carcosa.
To know that men are no different than the rats, it can only bring a man to smile.

You also can download both the Fighting Style and Incantation right here!

I also have put all of these rule onto a single document, including the previous blog post which you can download here.

I hope you all enjoy these rules! I recommend you all check out the newly updated homebrew tab on the blog, which now lists all my different homebrew content. You should also definitely check out the Carcosa module, its a weird and wild sandbox that will surely provide you many hours of entertainment. Do let me know if you’ve enjoyed this homebrew in the comments below.

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