Planar Crawl Classics: Damnable Demons

Welcome back to my Planar Crawl Classics series! Today I have the continuation of my Dastardly Devils article, with the Damnable Demons! All of the core demonic foes from the original planescape monstrous appendix re-stated and re-interpreted to fit the Dungeon Crawl Classics ruleset.

I personally never thought it made much sense for the chaotic beings of the Abyss to take the consistent forms portrayed in classic Planescape, surely a species that defines the chaos and evil of The Abyss would not be so consistent in their forms and function? I have two potential explanations

First: These particular forms of demons are the ‘breed’ or typical forms of the demons who are called to serve in the Blood War. I believe this is what is implied by the text of planescape itself, as many of these demons are talked about only in the context of how they get such a chaotic race to participate in something as organized as warfare.

Second: Consider these forms to be templates to which you can apply any modifiers you desire. Who said that Demon Champions (molydeus) must be eight foot tall red men with dog and snake heads? They could take the form of a graceful skeleton duelist, or a corrupted dragon. Wretched Demons need not only be pot-bellied cannon fodder, but emaciated cannon fodder, or even animalistic cannon fodder.

I have used both conceptions for my own Planescape games, consider the ‘as written’ demons to be the particular breed the abyss vomits up to fight against the Devils, and you can also use the statblocks as a template to adjust as needed.

Across the endless Abyss…

Planar Crawl Classics: Demons

Demons are Chaotic beings who inhabit the chaotic-evil aligned plane of The Abyss. “Might makes Right” is the defining mantra of Demonic society, and what “order” exists is built around the personal strength and terror of powerful demon lords who bring together all those they can threaten, scare and cajole into their personal legions. Although their individual goals differ, often radically, there is no doubt that if the demons become ascendant in the multiverse it will degrade back into the primordial chaotic swirl from which it came.

Notes: Demons tend to be weaker, often much weaker, than devils of equivalent type. This is intentional, as the weaker demons vastly outnumber the stronger devils, who are able to hold their own thanks to their well organized war machine and tactical prowess.

Damnable Demons!

Demons by Type

Type 1: Pathetic Demon (Manes), Wretched Demon (Dretch), Outcast Demon (Rutterkin)

Type 2: Ape Demon (Bar-Igura), Demonspawn (Alu-fiend & Cambion), Succubus

Type 3: War Demon (Babau), Mosquito Demon (Chasme), Gargoyle (Nabassu), Water Demon (Wastrilith)

Type 4: Dog-Headed Demon (Glabrezu), Frog Demon (Herzou), Lamia (Marilith), Carrion Demon (Vrock), Lord of Woe (Nalfeshnee), Demon Champion (Molydeus)

Type 5: Demon Lord (Balor)

Common Demon Traits

  • Demon Traits: All devils may cast Charm Person, Cantrip, Planar Gate, Phantasm, and Animate Dead (CL as Type # unless otherwise stated). Demons who are capable of speech can telepathically communicate with intelligent creatures, and all demons can speak the Abyssal language, a demonic tongue unique to their plane. Type 1 and 2 Demons take full damage from normal weapons. Type 3 Demons take only half damage from normal weapons, but full damage from silvered weapons. Type 4 Demons take no damage from normal weapons, full damage from magical weapons, and half damage from silvered weapons. Type 5 Demons require +2 Weapons in order to be harmed. All Demons take half damage from damage caused by fire and cold. All Demons are immune to damage caused by lightning and poison (unless it is poison from a devil!). 
  • Gate: Creatures with this power may use their action to attempt to create an inter-planar gate to bring reinforcements to the fight. When a creature attempts to create a Gate, roll 1d6. On an even roll, the gate opens successfully, and the amount of listed devils will arrive in 1d3 rounds. On an odd roll the gate does not open, but the gate can be attempted again in subsequent rounds. On a roll of 1, the planar energies are not conducive to the opening of gates, and the devil may not attempt another gate roll for this encounter. On a roll of 6, the reinforcements were ready and eager to enter the fight! Arriving during the same round the gate is opened.
  • Truesight: True sight allows a creature to see perfectly in mundane darkness and magical darkness. Creatures with truesight can also see perfectly through illusions, glamorous and invisibility within their truesight radius.
  • Random Spells as Level X Wizard: This creature uses the Wizard class table (1-12 in the Core Rulebook). To determine how many spells they have. The spells themselves can be determined using the random spells tables (Table 5-8 in the Core Rulebook).

Type 1 Demons

  • Pathetic Demon (Manes): Init -2, Atk +0 Swat (1d3), Atk +0 as Weapon (damage varies); AC 10; HD 1d12-1; SP Demon Traits, Bloated Body; MV 10′; ACT 1d20; SV Fort +1, SV Reflex -4, SV Will -3.
  • Wretched Demon (Wretch): Init +0, Atk +1 Claw Rake (1d4+1d2), Atk +1 as Weapon (damage varied); AC 12; HD 1d12+2; SP Demon Traits, Gate (1d4 Wretched Demons), Quick Slashing; Cast Choking Cloud (CL1); MV 25′; ACT 1d20; SV Fort -3, SV Reflex +2, SV Will -2.
  • Outcast Demon (Rutterkin): Init +2, Atk +3 Peculiar Weapon (Damage Varies, see Trait), Atk +2 Bashing Limbs (1d6+1); AC 13; HD 3d12; SP Demon Traits, Gate (1d8 Pathetic Demons or Wretched Demons), Peculiar Weapons; Cast Choking Cloud, Fear, Feather Fall (CL1); MV 25′; ACT 1d20; SV Fort +2, SV Reflex +0, SV Will +2.
  • Traits
    • Bloated Body: Whenever a Pathetic Demon is slain, it bursts into a cloud of noxious gas, all those within 10′ of the dead demon must make a DC 10 Fort Save or take 1d6 damage.
    • Quick Slashing: Wretched Demons may deal an additional 1d2 damage with their Claw Rake attack if their attack roll is a modified 15 or higher.
    • Peculiar Weapons: Outcast Demons are armed with a variety of strange fighting implements,
      • Snap Tong: A polearm device that ensnares foes for 2d4 damage and inflicts 1d4 damage every round until the target either dies or breaks free using their action to pass a DC 13 Reflex Save
      • 3-Armed Blade: This large bladed discus/shield hybrid increases the Demons AC by +2, and can be thrown with the same range as a javelin. The weapon deals 1d6 damage.
      • Flatched: This broadsword deals 1d8 damage and grants the demon +3 to hit against opponents who are not wearing metal armor.
    • Body of Wracking Pain: Whenever the Rutterkin attacks with its Bashing Limbs, they cry out in agony, forcing all within earshot to make a DC 13 Will save or else flee for 1d3 rounds.

Type 2 Demons

  • Ape Demon (Bar-Igura): Init +3, Atk +6 Smashing, Biting and Crushing (2d6), Atk +6 as Weapon (damage varies); AC 13; HD 6d12+6; SP Devil Traits, Gate (1d6 Bar-Igura), Mighty Leap; Camouflaged; (CL1); MV 30′; ACT 1d20+1d16; SV Fort +4, SV Reflex +4, SV Will +0.
  • Demonspawn (Cambion & Alu-Fiend): Init +4, Atk +7 Ornate Weaponry (As regular weapon +1 to damage), Atk +6 as Weapon (damage varies); AC 14; HD 4d12+2; SP Demon Traits, Demonic Senses; Beauty & Terror; Random Spells as Level 1 or Level 2 Wizard (CL1 or 2); MV 30′; ACT 1d20+1d16; SV Fort +3, SV Reflex +3, SV Will +3.
  • Succubus: Init +4, Atk +7 Kiss of Death (Special, see trait), Atk +3 Fists (1d3); AC 14; HD 5d12+4; SP Demon Traits, Gate (1d3 of her Demonspawn offspring), Energy Drain; Beguiling; Kiss of Death; Truesight; Random Spells as Level 2 Wizard (CL2); MV 30′, Flight 30′; ACT 1d20+1d16; SV Fort +3, SV Reflex +4, SV Will +6.
  • Traits
    • Mighty Leap: When the ape demon makes a charge attack, he can leap a maximum of 60′, gaining +4 to hit and pinning his opponent under him if they fail a DC 14 Reflex Save.
    • Camouflaged: Ape Demons can conceal themselves like a chameleon in the natural environment. Ape Demons have a “Hide in Shadows” skill of +8. This is considered magical camouflage, and can be seen through by truesight and magic that expels illusion.
    • Demonic Senses: Demonspawn possess legendarily keen senses, regardless of their form. Demonspawn are only surprised on a roll of 1 on a 1d6. They also can detect those in stealth on a roll of 1-4 on 1d6, and those hidden by magic on a roll of 1-3 on 1d6.
    • Beauty & Terror: Demonspawn either exemplify the beauty of their succubus mothers or the terror of their demonic fathers. All Demonspawn gain one of the following bonuses
      • Beauty: Beautiful Demonspawn can a flying speed of 30′. They automatically know the spell Charm Person which they cast as a CL3 wizard. Finally, whenever they land a hit in melee combat, they gain half of the damage they dealt as healing.
      • Terror: Terrible Demonspawn gain thief skills as a level 2 thief of chaotic alignment. They also automatically know the spell Cause Fear which they cast as a CL3 wizard. Finally, they have an extended crit range of 18-20.
    • Energy Drain: Whenever a succubus engages in intimate relations with a target, or successfully hits them in melee combat, the target must make a DC 16 will save or they are drained of 1d6 points of (Roll 1d3), Stamina (1), Strength (2), or Agility (3), with the succubus healing the lost amount of statistic as HP. If this occurs as a result of intimate relations the target must pass another DC 14 perception test to even notice, and energy drain can occur a maximum of 1d6 times per intimate encounter.
    • Beguiling: All Succubi automatically know the spells Charm Person, Sleep, Ropework, Forget, Invisibility & Paralysis as a CL3 Wizard.
    • Kiss of Death: If a succubus hits with its Kiss of Death attack, its target must make a DC 15 Fortitude save or else immediately be drained of 3d6 points of (Roll 1d3), Stamina (1), Strength (2), or Agility (3).

Type 3 Demons

  • War Demon (Babau): Init +5, Atk +9 Spear of Office (1d6+4), Atk +6 as Weapon (damage varies+6); AC 17; HD 6d12+2; SP Demon Traits, Withering Gaze, Disgusting Sweat, Master Recruiter, Gate (1d6 Demonspawn, or 1 War Demon); MV 30′; ACT 1d20+1d16; SV Fort +5, SV Reflex +5, SV Will +8.
  • Mosquito Demon (Chasme): Init +6, Atk +8 Raking Claws (2d6 damage divided across up to 3 targets), Atk +8 Bloodsucking (Special); AC 19; HD 4d12+2; SP Demon Traits, Rasping Call, Punisher of Demons, Bloodsucking, Truesight, Gate (2d10 Wretched Demons, 1d4 Demonspawn, 1 Mosquito Demon) Random Spells as Level 1 or Level 2 Wizard (CL1 or 2); MV 30′, Fly 45′; ACT 1d20+1d16; SV Fort +4, SV Reflex +8, SV Will +6.
  • Gargoyle (Nabassu): Init +4, Atk +10 Ripping and Tearing (3d4+3), Atk +6 as Weapon (damage varies+3); AC 18; HD 8d12+6; SP Demon Traits, Slaughterer, Stoneflesh, Spirit Binder, Gate (2d10 Wretched Demons, 1d4 Demonspawn, 1 Gargoyle) Random Spells as Level 2 Wizard (CL1 or 2); MV 30′ Fly 30′; ACT 1d20+1d16; SV Fort +8, SV Reflex +5, SV Will +6.
  • Water Demon (Wastrilith): Init +6, Atk +10 Terrible Bite (As regular weapon +1 to damage); AC 18; HD 10d12+4; SP Demon Traits, Boiling Breath, Command of the Sea Monsters; MV 10′, 60′ Swimming; ACT 2d20; SV Fort +8, SV Reflex +10, SV Will +8.
  • Traits
    • Withering Gaze: The terrible gaze of the War Demon causes its foes to wither before it. Each round the War Demon can stare at a single target, who must make a DC 18 Will save or else lose 3d6 Strength as long as the War Demon keeps its gaze on you.
    • Disgusting Sweat: War Demons are constantly leaking a reddish-brown ichor that covers their bodies, causing weapons that hit them to degrade, giving them a 1/3 chance of breaking every time a weapon hits them. Magical Weapons are immune to this breakage. The liquid also sprays at high speed out of the wounds of the War Demon, forcing anyone who deals damage in melee to the Demon to make a DC 15 Reflex Save or suffer 1d4 damage.
    • Master Recruiter: War Demons are almost always encountered leading an unwilling troop of weaker demons, and once per round a War Demon can compel a weaker demon (any Type 1 or Type 2 demon) to fight for them.
    • Rasping Call: The rasping call of the Mosquito Demon can instill terror or beguiling sleep. All Mosquito Demon’s know the wizard spells Sleep and Cause Fear and can cast it as a CL4 Wizard.
    • Punisher of Demons: Mosquito Demons are the cruel punishers of demons who go against the arbitrary orders of their lords. Mosquito Demons have a critical range of 16-20 against other demons.
    • Bloodsucking: When the Mosquito Demon successfully hits with its bloodsucking attack. the target takes 4d6 damage and is drained of 2d6 stamina. The target of a bloodsucking is also grabbed unless they can pass a DC 16 Fortitude save. Mosquito Demons are fond of flying their grabbed targets up high and dropping them.
    • Slaughterer: Gargoyles revel in the slaughter of mortals. A Gargoyle’s first attack in an encounter has a critical range of 15-20.
    • Stoneflesh: Gargoyle’s can turn their flesh into stone, which allows them to disguise themselves as statues or rock. When in stone form the Gargoyle is fully aware but cannot move.
    • Spirit Binder: Whenever the Gargoyle slays a creature with a soul, the creature must pass a DC 15 Will Save or else their soul becomes enslaved by the Gargoyle. Enslaved spirits will assist the Gargoyle and do its bidding, (Use Ghost statistics, DCC Page 413). Enslaved spirits are generally displeased and enraged by their condition, which can be used to the player’s advantage. Most Gargoyles will have 1d4 bound spirits.
    • Boiling Breath: Boiling breath is a breath weapon attack where the Water Demon spews forth a great cone of boiling water at its foes. The breath weapon can be used twice a day, and is a Cone with a width of 1d4x10′ and a length of 1d6x10, all characters who are in the range of Boiling Breath must make a DC 17 Reflex Save’. The breath weapon deals 10d12 damage on a failed save or 3d12 on a passed save.
    • Command of the Sea Monsters: Rather than gating in demons to assist them, the Water Demon commands the loyalty of a variety of sea creatures. A given Water Demon will have command over 2d6 Colossal Leeches (DCC Pg 420), 3d6 Deep Ones (DCC Pg 400), and 1d2 Water Elementals (DCC Pg 412).

Type 4 Demons

  • Dog Headed Demon (Glabrezu): Init +6, Atk +10 Pincers and Claws (2d6+1d4), Atk +10 Bite (1d10+1); AC 18; HD 8d12+4; SP Demon Traits, Tempter of Mortals, Agentis Demonic, Random Spells as Level 4 Wizard, Gate (1 Type 3 Demon); MV 45′; ACT 1d20+1d16; SV Fort +7, SV Reflex +10, SV Will +12.
  • Frog Demon (Herzou): Init +4, Atk +11 Claws (2d4), Atk +11 Crushing Teeth (3d4, Special); AC 19; HD 9d12+3; SP Demon Traits, Paranoid, Bear Hug, Mighty Leap, Vile Stench, Lictor Demonic, Truesight, Gate (2d12 Type 1 Demons, 1d12 Type 2 Demons, 1d3 Frog Demons); MV 30′, 45′ Swimming/Leaping; ACT 1d20+1d16; SV Fort +12, SV Reflex +8, SV Will +8.
  • Lamia (Marilith): Init +6, Atk +12 Swirling Blades (1d8+1 or 2d8+2 against group of opponents ), Atk +10 Squeeze (See Constrictor); AC 19; HD 9d12+2; SP Demon Traits, Constrictor, Mental Fortress, Strategos Demonic, Truesight, Gate (2d10 Type 1 Demons, 1d10 War Demons or 1 Type 4 Demon); MV 30′; ACT 1d20+1d16; SV Fort +8, SV Reflex +12, SV Will +16.
  • Carrion Demon (Vrock): Init +5, Atk +13 Demonic Halberd (1d12+8), Atk +12 Pecking Beak (3d5+4); AC 20; HD 10d12+2; SP Demon Traits, Demonic Spores, War-Screech, Praetorian Demonic, Gate (2d10 Pathetic Demons, 1d6 Ape Demons or 1 Vrock); MV 30′, Fly 60′; ACT 1d20+1d16; SV Fort +11, SV Reflex +11, SV Will +9.
  • Lord of Woe (Nalfeshnee): Init +3, Atk +8 Flabby Hands (1d8+2), Atk +8 Tusked Maw (2d4+1); AC 18; HD 12d12+2; SP Demon Traits, Lord of Woe, Arbiter Demonic, Truesight, Random Spells as a Level 6 Wizard. Gate (1d3 of any demon except Demon Champions and Demon Lords); MV 15′, Fly 30′; ACT 1d20+1d16; SV Fort +12, SV Reflex +8, SV Will +14.
  • Demon Champion (Molydeus): Init +7, Atk +14 Abyssal Axe (Special), Atk +15 Snake Bite (Special), Atk +15 Wolf Bite (2d8); AC 21; HD 14d12+4; SP Demon Traits, Abyssal Axe, Truesight, Champion Demonic, Gate (1d8 Type 1 or 2 demons. 1d4 type 3 demons or 1 Demon Champion); MV 30′; ACT 2d20; SV Fort +13, SV Reflex +13, SV Will +13.
  • Traits
    • Tempter of Mortals: Dog Headed Demons are guranteed to know the following spells, and can cast them at CL 5. Polymorph, Consult Spirit, Make Potion, Runic Alphabet (Fey & Mortal)., Charm Person, Phantasm, ESP and Paralysis.
    • Agentis Demonic: Dog Headed Demons have thief skills equivalent to a Level 5 Chaotic Thief.
    • Paranoid: Frog Demons are only surprised on the roll of 1 on 1d8. Herzou can detect those in stealth on a roll of 1-6 on 1d8, and those who are magically hidden on a roll of 1-4.
    • Bear Hug: When a Frog Demon hits a creature with its Crushing Teeth, it may attempt to grab its target, who must pass a DC 18 Reflex Save or be unable to move or attack. The Frog Demon will automatically hit anyone squeezed within its bear hug, and deals an additional 1d4 damage from its crushing arms every round. A bear hugged character can attempt a DC 18 Reflex or Fortitude saving throw to escape every round.
    • Vile Stench: The odor that arises from Frog Demons is so terrible, it provokes a DC 18 Will save to all those who come within melee range of the creature. Those that fail the save take 1d4 poison damage and receive a -4 penalty to hit as long as they are in melee range of a Frog Demon.
    • Lictor Demonic: When a Frog Demon has a creature in its bear hug, it can teleport to the lair of its master or superior demon as an action.
    • Constrictor: When Lamias make a squeeze attack and hit, they may entrap an opponent in their muscular snake-like body. A character must pass a DC 19 Fortitude save or else be trapped by the Lamia, unable to move or attack as they are squeezed to death for an automatic 1d6 damage per round, a DC 19 Fortitude or Reflex save can be attempted each round for a character to free themselves. A Lamia can only have one human sized creature constricted at a time.
    • Mental Fortress: Lamias are immune to all mind-altering magic, all sources of fear, have perfect memories, and have a very high will save for a demon of their level.
    • Strategos Demonic: Lamias are the strategists of the demonic armies, granting all demons around them a bonus of +1 to all saving throws, all attack rolls and all damage. Lamias can also use an action to order another demon to make a free attack against an opponent.
    • Demonic Spores: Whenever a carrion demon is hit in melee it releases a cloud of disgusting spores. All creatures in melee range must make a DC 18 fortitude save or suffer 1d4 damage per round until either cured by magic or they pass their DC 18 Fortitude save.
    • War-Screech: When a carrion demon lets out its terrible War-Screech as an action, all non demonic creatures within 30′ must make a DC 19 Fortitude save or else be stunned for 1d3 rounds.
    • Praetorian Demonic: Whenever a formation of carrion demons (at least 4) attacks together, they have a chance to summon demonic lighting to strike their foes. For each round a formation of carrion demons is fighting, roll 1d5, on a roll of 1, all creatures within 60′ of a carrion demon must make a DC 19 Will save or be struck by a lightning bolt which stuns them for 1d3 rounds and deals 2d12 damage.
    • Lord of Woe: The Lord of Woe is a master wizard, the first time during an encounter when a Lord of Woe fails a spell check he can choose to instead reroll that spell check. Those struck by the Lord of Woe’s spells must make a DC 17 Will save or suffer from minor corruption.
    • Arbiter Demonic: All creatures of a chaotic alignment must obey any orders given to them by a Lord of Woe, unless the pass a DC 19 Will Save, A Lord of Woe can also send any Type 1-3 demon it can see to a realm of eternal suffering at will.
    • Abyssal Axe: Every Champion Demon’s Abyssal Axe is a magical weapon of at least +2 power. Use the spell “Sword Magic” to generate the Axe’s abilities. When a Champion Demon dies, its axe dissolves into muck, and if it is stolen while the demon is still alive, it will dedicate its existence to destroying the presumptuous thief.
    • Snake-Head: The terrible snake head that juts from the neck of the demon champion has fangs that drip with a black abyssal poison. This poison incurs a DC 20 fortitude save that causes 1d6 damage to each of your physical statistics on a failure or 2d10 damage on a pass.
    • Champion Demonic: The mighty Demon Champions may fight for an additional round after they have been reduced to 0 HP, and may make a DC 15 Will save to continue fighting for another round after, with the save increasing its DC by 5 each round.
Behold a Lord of Woe! (And his servants)

Type 5 Demons

  • Demon Lord (Balor): Init +7, Atk +16 Head-Taking Sword (2d10+6 to damage), Atk +15 Abyssal Whip (6d6); Atk +14 Teeth and Claws (4d4+4). AC 14; HD 14d12+6; SP Devil Traits, Abyssal Whip, Lords of Terror, Head-Taking Sword, Truesight, Imperator Demonic, Gate (Any 1d10 Type 1, 2 or 3 Demons. Or 1d3 Type 4 Demons). Random Spells as Level 5 Wizard (CL 5); MV 45′; ACT 2d20+1d16; SV Fort +15, SV Reflex +15, SV Will +15.
  • Traits
    • Abyssal Whip: The Abyssal Whip’s damage dice can be divided between all enemies within 60′ of the Demon Lord. Characters hit with the Abyssal Whip must pass a DC 22 Reflex Save or be dragged into melee range of the Demon Lord.
    • Lords of Terror: The terror that exudes from the Demon Lord scares men and demon alike. All Demons within 60′ of the Balor automatically roll a “6” on all of their Gate rolls, and gate in the maximum number of demons. All mortals within 60′ of the Balor must make a DC 22 Will save or flee in terror until they are out of sight.
    • Head-Taking Sword: The great and terrible burning blades of the Demon Lords take a head with every stroke! Whenever a Demon Lord rolls 10 on one of his damage dice for the Head-Taking Sword he instantly decapitates his target, likely killing them instantly. The slain creature then becomes a enslaved spirit (Use Ghost statistics, DCC Page 413), under the control of the Demon Lord.
    • Imperator Demonic: A given Demon Lord possess up to 1d4 of the “Demonic” traits of the Type 4 demons (I.E “Strategos Demonic” or “Arbiter Demonic” etc.) When a Demon Champion is reduced to roughly 1/2 of his original hit points, 1d3 Demon Champions and 3d6 Carrion Demons are instantly gated to his location.
This art from the old Planescape monstrous appendix does an excellent job depicting the Demon Lord in his haughty glory.

You can download these monster stat-blocks as a pdf her;

I hope you all get some use out of these vile demons! Let me know what you think in the comments, and make sure to check out my Dastardly Devils article for the monster stats of the demons greatest enemy.

This is part of my Planar Crawl Classics series of articles, adapting the Planescape setting of Ad&d to the Dungeon Crawl Classics System. The next article in the series will be “Making a Sigil Neighborhood” which will also include a full sigil Neighborhood “Ashtown” to adventure in!

2 thoughts on “Planar Crawl Classics: Damnable Demons

  1. Neat, I bookmarked it for future use. The balor’s 14 AC and 4d12+2 HD feels off though – a high level DCC RPG warrior would down that in two attacks.


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